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A lot of people from Winnipeg and surrounding areas think that if they are turned down by banks or credit unions their home ownership dreams are over. A Private Mortgage is here to offer another option to those who are unable to obtain financing from traditional institutional lenders such as banks and credit unions. If you're not familiar with the concept of private lending, you are not alone. Private mortgages are not complicated, they are just unfamiliar to most mortgage borrowers.

Institutional lenders will turn down loans for a variety of reasons; typically due to the level of risk involved with a deal. This is where a private lender like us can help.

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Private Mortgages

Private mortgages are ideal for individuals who may not qualify for conventional bank financing.

Due to their strict lending policies, there are many normal circumstances where banks or credit unions will routinely turn down prospective borrowers. Some examples of borrower situations that are frequently declined for financing are:

  • A borrower has no credit history.
  • A borrower cannot confirm his income.
  • A borrower who has a lower income.
  • A borrower who earns commissioned income.
  • A borrower who has recently declared bankruptcy.
  • A borrower who works as a seasonal employee.
  • A borrower whose net worth is low.
  • A borrower with a poor debt service ratio.
  • A borrower with a poor credit history.

As a private mortgage lender, we have the flexibility to make our lending decisions on a case-by-case basis. Because of our flexibility and commitment to working with our borrowers to find mutually beneficial lending solutions, we routinely approve loans that large banks and credit unions turn down.

We offer residential and small commercial first mortgages for up to 70% LTV;Loan to Value (Loan Amount Compared to Actual Appraised Value) for borrowers from Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas.

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How It Works
Once we receive your email inquiry we will look at the information provided and contact you within in 48 hours. We then ask for any further information to be able to see if you qualify. We look at the amount you are requesting to borrow, the appraisal value of your property, the location and condition of your house, if you property is a rental or your primary residence, and the length of time you are looking for financing for.

Once we receive this information and process it we will contact you and can then start the process. An appraisal is usually necessary so we can make a decision on the amount of money we would borrow you based on the fair market value. We will also discuss the terms, interest rate, and fees that will be charged.

Once this information has been discussed the lawyer completes the necessary paperwork and then the money can be transferred through the lawyer(s) at that point.

Our fees are as listed below:
Appraisal - $300
Mortgage Lawyer Fees - $700

Please provide us with some information about your loan requirements. A representative will contact your for further details. Files marked with * are required.
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